The more you play, the more
UNSTOPPABLE you become

The MindShift Game

is a powerful and revolutionary game that trains your mind through effective affirmations and actions.

How it shifts your mind . . .

The game that gives you the tools to shift your thoughts and achieve your desires

This life-changing technique is based on scientific studies* from around the world that prove the brain can create new neural pathways, resulting in new realities. The MindShift Game was developed and pioneered by acclaimed leadership coach and international bestselling author Rocío Pérez. Her firsthand experience and research are the results of over 26 years of supporting people from all walks of life around the world to achieve what they believed was beyond their reach.


Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.

You must set yourself on fire.

Arnold H. Glasow

ABOUT Rocío Pérez

Rocío created The MindShift Game to help people take more courageous actions, and consistent actions, build their confidence, expand their vision, step into their power and elevate their energy. She developed the “UNSTOPPABLE: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader” Coaching Program and wrote an International bestselling book to support individuals in creating and living a life they love and desire.



Gloria González

My life has been better in the last 10 months than the last 30 years.

Yoko Tavarez

This allowed me to create the life I most desired. I have created new habits which have thoroughly improved my lifestyle.

Chad Kennedy

I thought I had a good start with self-help books, meditation, and regular exercise, but her coaching accelerated my progress 10x.


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