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As you play you will learn a new daily routine that supports you.
Soon you begin believing in yourself and your capacity to achieve anything you set your mind to.


Throughout your day…

You will develop key strengths weekly and be able to practice them daily through Affirmation Cards and actions. The game invites you to see your future self now and take bold actions that move you closer to your desired reality. In addition, the game will center you, remind you of what is important and help you make better decisions. 


As you continue to play the game, your confidence grows and your actions become more consistent with your new self. This will help you become more courageous, confident, visionary, powerful and energetic. The more effort you put into your game, the more you will achieve things you never thought possible.




See it

Go deep; Clearly imagine the future you desire, and see yourself in it.




Choose it

Set in motion your intention, commit and follow through to your new you.




Activate it

Embrace new life-giving daily habits that move you forward.




Intensify it

Be resourceful, relentless and resilient in taking consistent actions & reflect on  your progress.




Be it

Review, reflect, recalibrate, and celebrate. Set your next goal and achieve even more.




The lion represents courage and is fearless. It is one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom; A lion attacks other animals and knows it has the ability to conquer them. Be smart, strategic and strong; Know when to take action, like the lion. 


Game Includes

My Journey
The journal of your new life

Keep track - See Results

This JOURNAL helps you track your daily practice, record your intentions, bold actions and reflections. The journal includes questions that prepare you to get the most out of your game. 


Your first eight week journal is included with The  MindShift Game. You can purchase additional journals in our store. You can also take advantage of important discounts as a The MindShift Community member.


Guide to Success
A step by step guide

Learn how to play different levels

This guide has everything you need to know to master the game and your mind. It starts with a quick reference guide for the ones that can't wait to start their journey, and a deeper view on how to master it for the ones that already played it.


Decks of Cards

Work on your strenhgts 

Cards are the key to the game. They contain the affirmations that will allow you to take bold actions every day. There are 5 different strengths you will focus and work on: COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, VISION, POWER, and ENERGY. There is also a Rewards and Hacks deck that contains ways to reward yourself for doing a great job and some tips and tricks on how to make your life and the game easier.


Game Board

See how far you have gone

Visualization is an essential part of the game. That is why having this game board visible, in a place where you can see it everyday will allow you to visualize your path, how far you have gone and how far is your goal. It also tells you when to grab a Rewards and Hacks card. An important step to stay motivated.


Game Pieces

Evolve, transform, advance

These pieces will help you move through your path and visualize how you will be embodying each animal's strengths. Every time you arrive at a new animal's box it is because you have worked hard for seven days to become that animal and you will turn into it switching to current piece the proper one. 


Beautiful Box

a packing that holds your new life

This high-quality box contains all the elements. Once you arrive to your destination, to your goals, you can put everything back to keep it safe until the next time you want to play the game again. 


The MindShift Community

A place to play, share, and cheer

It is a Facebook Group for The MindShift Game players where they can connect with each other, share their challenges, and  cheer their accomplishments. It is a safe space monitored by coaches that will answer questions, and have activities to further develop the community.

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Start changing your life for


Box Set

Includes manual, 6-week journal, and five decks of 20 affirmation cards.


in the USA

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