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Rocío is an optimist and sought-after speaker of truth who has nearly three decades of experience providing powerful insights that have helped to transform leaders around the world.

“Our adversities in life hold the key to our success in life.” — Rocío Pérez

She has delivered hundreds of inspiring and life-changing leadership training, keynotes and presentations from Switzerland to San Francisco. Rocío is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved frequently from city to city in search of work. As a child, Rocío could only imagine what success could be like amidst the adversity she lived in daily. Growing up, Rocío was told by her elementary school teachers and even some of her own family, “You will never make it.” Rocío was well on her way to making her teacher's and family members’ predictions come true. She quit school midway through seventh grade and ran away from home multiple times because of fear. Rocío got pregnant at fourteen and emancipated at age fifteen. She ended up in a violent environment with an abusive man.


At a devastating moment, having endured abuse, homelessness and hunger, Rocío swore to herself, “Never again!” She consciously chose to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and limitation. Rocío put herself through college and earned a dual MBA. She did this while working full time, building a home and, as a single parent, raising her son. She has been blessed with many powerful lessons on her journey to success. From Life’s experience, even during the most difficult times of despair, she believes each of us has the capacity to become “Unstoppable.”


There is always another solution to a problem as long as we use our imagination. The power of imagination can take us where we desire to go, regardless of the state of our current circumstances. Imagination can take anyone to a life of happiness, empowerment, service, and  prosperity. 

Rocío Is the Creator of The MindShift Game®, host of The MindShift Game TV,® and host of Rompiendo Barreras con Rocío Pérez podcast. She helps individuals take more courageous, consistent actions, build their confidence, tap into their power, and elevate their energy. She has delivered customized self-improvement programs and coaching to over 60,000 people globally. 

Rocío's Impact

Rocío Pérez mission is to create products and deliver services that have a positive impact in humanity, change lives, and shape a brighter future. These are only a few of those products.


A powerful innovative system that trains your mind through effective visualization, affirmations, and bold actions.

It gives you the tools to shift your thoughts and achieve your desires. It’s not magic or a super power that only few can access. Based on scientific studies* from around the world that have proven the brain can create new neural pathways, resulting in new realities.

Inspiring Books


is a book about the strength of mind, body, and soul. Readers will be moved, inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the stories contained herein to see beyond their challenges, draw strength from them in the face of adversity, and realize a world never experienced before, a different world, because they, themselves, will be different.

Rocío shares her amazing story as one of the 22 co-authors and is also the mastermind behind this project. The co-authors openly share their stories to touch, move, and inspire generations of Hispanics who are and will be changing the landscape of this wonderful country. 


Join Rocío on this transformative journey of empowerment and be inspired by the collective voices of resilience and triumph.


When we shift from “what happened to me” to “what happened for me, we discover a new world that has always been available for all of us.
— Rocío Pérez

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"Unstoppable, 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader" is a transformative guide by Rocío Pérez that empowers individuals to unlock their inner potential and create an extraordinary life. With a step-by-step blueprint, this interactive workbook helps readers enhance their self-awareness, cultivate unwavering grit, and manifest the results they desire. Through its chapters, readers gain confidence, presence, and a profound understanding of their unique strengths and blind spots. 


"Unstoppable" equips individuals with tools to overcome barriers and maximize their impact in their lives. It urges readers to embrace their unstoppable nature, paving the way towards their version of a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. This powerful book serves as a tool to tap into hidden potential, surpassing even the wildest dreams. Are you ready to unlock your unstoppable power and embark on the journey of a lifetime? "Unstoppable" awaits, ready to propel you towards the life you've always desired.

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