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FORTALEZA is a book about the strength of mind, body, and soul. Readers will be moved, inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the stories contained herein to see beyond their challenges, draw strength from them in the face of adversity, and realize a world never experienced before, a different world, because they, themselves, will be different.

In a world that often tests our limits, FORTALEZA is the armor we need to face adversity head-on and emerge stronger. The unwavering strength within refuses to yield to life's challenges. It's the force that can turn the tide of any situation in our favor. 


Experience a sense of connectedness with the authors’ lived experiences and find the power from within to bring your own dreams to fruition as you create your own happy, healthy, meaningful life. 


FORTALEZA will help readers shift the narrative of “what’s happening to me” to “what’s happening for me” and realize that the magic we all look for is in the work that we often avoid. We already possess what we need to succeed: our wisdom, our energy and our essence.



is the internal strength that helps navigate the storms of life with grace and determination. It is your most potent ally – it fuels your dreams, propels you forward, and turns obstacles into stepping stones to push through, learn, and grow…and when you choose to embrace it wholeheartedly, you'll find that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

The Authors

The 22 authors in this book are opening their lives and sharing their experiences to inspire and educate others. Many of them have faced complex challenges throughout their lives and believe that sharing their stories can help others avoid making the same mistakes or provide inspiration for those who may be going through similar struggles. 

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